About Us

Income Property's beginnings go back to 2009, when it was formed to provide access into the UK property investment market.

We are a fully integrated real estate agency that works with just a handful of carefully selected partners who acquire, develop, redevelop and manage UK properties to deliver a net income.

The UK property market is vast. In addition to conventional buy-to-let properties, we specialise in two fixed income sectors: UK holiday lodges and UK care homes. Both sectors provide a high net yield and unique tax breaks. They are supply-constrained and, in 2019, can still be purchased at excellent values.

Many locations within the UK have already reached their peak. At Income Property, we are careful to source developers in locations and sectors that provide a sustainable net income and strong growth potential.

How we work with you?

You call the shots at Income Property.

Our team provides one-to-one consultations supplemented by our due diligence in concise and information-rich reports.

Portfolio building:

Many buyers we speak with are intending to build and grow a property portfolio as a secure long-term income generator, with the potential upside of growth too.

Goals, workload, cashflow, exit. These are the 4 areas of any property investment that must be considered and cannot be ignored. We ensure that our due diligence documents always cover these points in depth.

Property provides a real physical asset and, historically, an index-linked income. In general the rent received in 20 years will have likely increased, roughly inline with inflation. If you can ensure that your property portfolio is sustainable and relatively hands-free, then you will have the fundamentals in place for a reliable income stream during your retirement.


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