Years of experience in the Property Investment Sector

Income generating assets

Income Property is a specialist estate agent with a primary focus on income generating assets.

We use our established relationships with owners and developers to source the best income focused opportunities in the property sector.

We only sell properties with the following investor benefits:

Real physical

with itrinsic value

Full legal

registered at the land registry


either inhouse or recommended

No hidden

no extra fees or charges


often with capital growth


suitable to be held long-term

Which sectors are best for property investors in 2019?

The property investment market is vast, covering industrial, commercial and residential:

All UK Property Sectors
  • Light industrial
  • Heavy industrial
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Care homes
  • Holiday lets
  • But-to-let
  • HMO
  • Student

Income Property has identified 3 UK property sectors that work well for investors.

Investor suitability:

Our properties can be bought either individually or in bulk. As such, they are suitable for investors of all types.

A minimum cash budget of £75,000 is recommended, however, some properties are available with finance, so can be purchased with less commitment.

Our focus is on fully managed properties, so an ideal investor would be looking for a source of passive income.

Passive investing - "set & forget"

Passive investing is never "zero" work, but some models require more work than others.

An ideal passive investment model would look something like this:

Passive Investment Model
Model Investor's time as % of total How does Income Property help?
The passive investor spends time upfront, researching, viewing and deciding which property to invest into.
This is the bulk of how we can help you. Our due diligence is provided to you in reports and consultations. We arrange site visits, sector reports, detailed property reports and more.
The passive investor uses a lawyer to perform legal due diligence during the purchase process.
We can often suggest an appropriate independent legal firm.
The passive investor uses a reputable management company to operate the day to day duties. This would include any property maintenance and reporting to the passive investor.
If required, we can suggest an appropriate management company to operate, maintain and report to you regularly.
The passive investor would keep their eye on the market.
At your request we can provide individual consultation on the resale market.
The passive investor may decide the time is right to sell their property. Either through an agent, directly through their own contacts or through a buy-back option.
We always offer a resale service whenever is right for each owner.

Why invest in care homes and holiday lets?

  • Demand for both is growing and sustainable (more staycations, more elderly).
  • It is still possible for developers to buy sites at reasonable prices. Big money is pouring in quickly though, so there is no better time than now to get involved.
  • Both are well suited to full on-site professional management.
  • Both have tax advantages that are not available in other sectors such as buy-to-let.
  • Our properties in these sectors are also offered with long term fixed income contracts and contractual buy backs.

Case Study: Dow Brook Care Home Investment

Through our industry contacts we identified a highly experienced team within the care sector. Their team of consultants had been working in the care sector for over 20 years. This has included working with high street banks to turn around care homes in administration.

Their business model focuses on two key aspects:

  • Financial control
  • Care Quality

Using their experience as turnaround specialists, this team had begun identifying undervalued sites with untapped potential.

At Dow Brook, they identified the following areas for improvement:

  • Minor refurbishment - very little needed, the rooms and ensuites were large, and the building standard was already high. A repaint and other superficial works sufficed.
  • Extension - an orangery as further social space for residents.
  • Improvements to the grounds - allotments at waist height would allow residents to garden easily.
  • Enrichment - a dedicated hair salon for visiting hair stylists.
  • Staff - great care was taken in hiring an experienced site manager.